The Life List of

The Life List of

Danielle Weintraub


·        Travel around the world

·        Swim with dolphins

·        Graduate high school

·        Go to a good college

·        Join a sorority in college

·        Keep in touch with friends once we all go to college

·        Own house on beach

·        Get married

·        Have three children

·        Become a millionaire and retire at age 60

·        Find a job that I enjoy

·        Find a cure for all cancers

·        Make sure every dog has a loving home

·        Live to see my great grand children

·        Pass all my future exams with an 85 or above

·        When I get older buy my parents a house on a beach

·        Become rich and buy my dad a really fast car

·        Be able to not always fight for what I want

·        Learn to scuba dive

·        Go to Israel

·        Meet

o       Jennifer Anniston and the FRIENDS cast

o       Chad Michael Murray, Sophia Bush

o       Rachel Bilson, Jessica Alba


·        Watch all the friends episode

·        Be able to run longer than a mile

·        Spike a volleyball in some one’s face

·        Make my parents proud

·        Not worry about buying $150 dollar pair of jeans

·        Find cure for all dogs to live forever

·        Make phone bills cheaper

·        Learn how to surf

·        Move to somewhere warm before I turn old and move to Florida

·        Drive on a main road with the top down, in a convertible

·        Go on vacation with all of my friends

·        Be able to eat anything I want with out feeling too full that I might explode

·        Meet the cast of The Notebook

·        Fall in love

·        Be able to buy my friends’ something that they’ve always wanted

·        Succeed in life