The Life List of

The Life List of

Dan Weeks



–         Get a 95 avg. for 1 quarter in every class

–         Score 4’s or 5’s on every AP exam

–         Not get suspended again this year or next

–         Go to a good college (preferably on a free ride)

–         Graduate with a masters in engineering

Other More Important Stuff

-Own a big house and at least 10 cars before I turn 30

-Top-out every car I ever own on the high way

-Get in a huge bar fight and win

-Win one professional fight of any kind

-Qualify for sectionals this year

-Never ever, ever, ever get fat

-Make Kenny Sohn flinch

-Pour oil over a DDR pad in an arcade and watch people wipe out

-Pull the chair out from under an incredibly fat person at the mall

-Watch the Yankees go undefeated against the red sox one year

-Get seats on the third base line of fenway park dressed in all Yankee stuff and start a fight with the third basemen at that time

-Find a wife who is an incredibly good cook and already has a massive trust fund or just makes a lot of money

-Do a split between two chairs before Kaplan can

-Beat Kaplan in arm wrestling

-Get Kaplan to eat meat

-Box Mr. Cole

-Prove Barry Bonds used steroids

-Make enough money to support my family

-Have 2 kids

-Go bungee jumping

-Go Base jumping

-Go sky diving

-Watch a bum fight

-Re-invent the wheel

-Throw a stick in front of a rollerblader/skateboarder like in Big Daddy

-Get an invention patented

-Stand in that spot that is on the border of those 4 states

-Race one of my friends on the high way this year in my Taurus and win (preferably Lello and his dad’s TL)

-Experience total weightlessness

-Win one varsity wrestling tournament before I graduate

-Perform 1 stunt from Jackass number 2 (preferably Johnny Knoxville’s Big Red Rocket stunt)

-Complete over half of this life list