The Life List of

The Life List of

Alex Van Tongeren


·        Graduate high school

·        Go to a college of my choice

·        Go sky diving

·        Get the audi rs4

·        Get married

·        Have kids and a family

·        Grow long hair

·        Fly a jet

·        Finish high school wrestling

·        Get 20 wins in a wrestling season

·        Place in a tournament

·        Work as a commodity trader

·        Buy a house

·        Learn how to drive stick perfectly

·        Get a house at hawks nest beach

·        Run in a marathon

·        Get at least a 4 on the AP

·        Drive a Ferrari

·        Ski or snowboard in Colorado

·        Bench-press 300 pounds

·        Go to Holland

·        Get my motorcycle licenses

·         Buy a motorcycle

·        Fly a plane

·        Get over a 80 average in math

·        Catch a shark fishing

·        Get a boat

·        Live in the city for at least a year

·        Visit all 7 continents

·        Go on the rope swing by my house and not hit the water on the way down

·        Find someone else in Harrison who is Dutch

·        Make a million dollars

·        Retire and move to HNB

·        Run a mile in under 7 minutes

·        Wear flip flops everyday senior year

·        Go on a road trip

·        Go bungee jumping

·        Watch the giants win the super bowl again

·        Climb mount Everest and then ski down it

·        Go to Hawaii

·        Learn how to play the guitar

·        Live a fulfilling life

·        Finish most of these things on this list