The Life List of

The Life List of

Laura Tiburzi

"Never regret anything, cause at one point it was exactly what you wanted"



-Go to college

-Become a Private Investigator

-Get married

-Have no kids

-Swim with the dolphins

-Go to the Statue of Liberty

-Visit Italy

-Make a lot of money (who doesn’t)

-Live in a big house

-Own more then one dog

-Own a car with doors that open up not out

-Jump into the brook behind my house

-Ice skate on the brook behind my house

-Write the script to an award winning Movie

-Pet a giraffe

-Learn how to do a cartwheel

-Go swimming with my dog

-Pass my road test

-Go sky diving

-Watch Exorcism of Emily Rose for a second time even though that movie really really scares me. (don’t ask me why I want to, cause I have no clue)

-Be able to do a split

-Write books, Bestsellers would be nice

-Go fishing and actually catch a fish all by myself

-Learn how to play the guitar

-Be able to keep my room clean for longer then a week

-Be able to pay for the families Season Tickets to Shea Stadium when I inherit them.

-Go to a midnight movie

-Punch a squirrel (long, long story)

-Have a giant walk in closet with a whole wall for shoes

-Keep my pet hermit crab alive for a really long time

-Make a movie and music video starring me and my friends

-Try every energy drink created with Liane

-Be able to beat K.W. in a water chugging competition

-Be a waitress

-Own a cool pet like a:

1.                                Chicken

2.                               Snake

3.                               Duck

4.                               Rabbit

5.                               Parrot (that talks)

-None of those at the same time

-Hire a cleaning lady to clean my house

-Live in a house with all my friends for a summer

-And a lot, lot more things that I can’t remember at the moment or didn’t want to put on cause I know my mom will read this