The Life List of

The Life List of

Michele Teevan


1) Travel to Europe








2) Live in London

3) Study Abroad for a semester in college

4) Get a BFA in stage management/design tech

5) Become a professional stage manager for a ballet company

6) Join a DCA Drum Corp

7) Get my drivers license

8) Learn to tap dance

9) Get a 5 on the ap psychology exam

10) Join a WGI competing winter guard

11) Get into emerson college in Boston

12) Win a silver medal from CPS for yearbook

13) Own an apartment in NYC

14) Visit the Eiffel Tower

15) See the Northern Lights

16) Visit Australia

17) Visit Bermuda

18) Learn to drive a stick shift

19) Take a road trip to California

20) Get married in a Catholic church

21) Learn the what a country dance

22) Work as a techie at Stagedoor

23) own a collection of original Broadway cast CD’s

24) See Les Miserables

25) See Rent on Broadway

26) Meet George N. Parks

27) Disprove all the "historical" facts in the DaVinci Code

28) Win a helen hayes award for stage management and stage crew

29) Win gold at the color guard competition in San Francisco

30) Name my first born son Tristan