The Life List of

The Life List of

Brooke Rosenbaum


Academic Goals

-to work the best of my abilities for then next two years and doing the best that I can on my SATs and APs

-to get into one of my first choice colleges

-to have fun in college

-to graduate college

-to be President of the G.O. next year

Career Goals

-to have a career that I enjoy

-to work for the Food Nework

-to be a chef in a top restaurant

-to start a charity

-to make enough money that I will live a comfortable lifestyle

-to be an anchor on NBC’s the Today Show

-to star in my own sitcom

-to be able to be a homemaker when I have kids

-to be The New York Times’ top food critic

-to have a career where I can help others

Family/Friend/Relationship/Social Goals

-to get married before 30

-to have fun and get the most out of being young before I get married

-to have a happy, healthy marriage

-to give birth to at least one girl and one boy

-to keep in touch with my friends from high school

-to make a few really close friends in college

-to fall in love

Miscellaneous Goals

-to live in NYC

-to live in a nice suburban area

-to eat sushi in Japan

-to build an igloo in Antarctica

-to pet a penguin

-to go every continent

-to be famous

-to go bungee jumping

-to backpack through Europe

-to go to space

-to learn that African click-click language

-to go sky diving

-to date somebody famous

-to be remembered for doing something great

-to be happy and fulfilled with my life