The Life List of

The Life List of

Allie Prieston


Pass all my classes with an 80 or higher

Continue making honor roll through out all of high school

Graduate High School

Rent a summer house with my friends

Work at the Westchester Country Club over the summer

Date a polo player/swimmer

Go to at least 5 Dave Matthews Band Concerts

Meet Dave Matthews

Get into a 4 year college and graduate

Be in a photo shoot for seventeen

Take a road trip with my friends

Stay friends with my 4 best friends through out my whole life

Find my husband in college

Marry around 24 or 25

Have 4 children

Not have to work after I’m married

Move back to California after college

Travel all around Europe

Own a boat

Go to a Fashion Show

Have a song written about me

Own a house in the Bahamas or Hawaii

Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary