The Life List of

The Life List of

JamiAnn Plekon


1.   Own my own house with a darkroom in the basement so i can develop my pictures.

2.  Visit every country in the world.

3.  Become a famous photographer.

4.  Buy my mom her "dream house".

5.  Go to college in Vermont.

6.  Own a  ’58 Chevy Impala and a  ’67 Pont GTO

7.  Become a vegan. (i’m already a vegetarian)

8.  Go to a comedy club.

9.  Meet Wes Craven.

10.  Write a novel.

11.  Join a gym.

12.  Paint a mural on the side of a building.

13.  Raise a tiger.

14.  Run a mile without stopping.

15.  Get a tattoo.

16.  Learn how to play the piano.

17.  Live in London for 2 years.

18.  Have my own photography exhibit in a museum.

19.  Get married and have 3 kids.

20.  Learn how to snowboard.

21.  See the following bands live: AFI, The Pink Spiders, My Chemical Romance, Underoath, Armor for Sleep, and Rock Kills Kid

22.  Go on a road trip with my friends before college.

23.  Learn how to speak Polish.

24.  Spend a night in a cemetery.

25.  Get arrested for protesting something.

26.  Have a pet pig.

27.  Invent something amazing.

28.  Take ballet lessons.

29.  Donate money to every charity.

30.  Kiss someone underneath the mistletoe at Christmas time.

31.  Break out of my shyness.

32.  Go to Serendipity in NYC.

33. Meet the cast of Gilmore Girls.

34.  Have Daniel Vosovic from season 2 of Project Runway design a dress for me.

35.  Go ice-skating at Rockefeller Center.

36.  Solve a crime.

37.  Wear a straightjacket and be locked in a padded room for one day.

38.  Find out everything that happened in the world on the day i was born July 23, 1990.

39.  Grow my own apple tree.

40.  Read the dictionary from beginning to end.

41.  Visit the most haunted castle in the world.

42.  Drive a police car and make the sirens go on.

43.  Write a hit song.

44.  Own a record player.

45.  Meet Tim Burton.

46.  See The Phantom of The Opera on Broadway.

47.  Pet a bear.

48.  Save someone’s life.

49.  Make up a catch phrase.

50.  Do everything already on my lifelist with no regrets.