The Life List of

The Life List of

Ester Park

"God won’t put you in situations you can’t handle, so don’t stress."


-get into a college of my choice

-graduate college with merits

-study abroad

-attend grad school

-get a job i actually love doing and that pays well

-fall in love with the man of my dreams

-get married with my parents blessing

-have kids before 30

-have twins

-have a long and happy marriage

-live to see my grandkids grow

– be alive to celebrate my 50th anniversary with my husband<3

-break a record from the "Guinness book of records"

-travel to Europe

-travel the world

-go white water rafting without falling into the water

-sky dive by myself (without being attached to a professional)

-read the entire Britannica encyclopedia

-go on a road trip with my friends

-do something completely random and crazy (something my friends would not expect me to do)

-get a 2000 of better on my SAT’s

-do well on my ACT’s

-date somebody of a different nationality

-date a celebrity

-to finally see the War end in Iraq

-watch the sunrise and sunset on the same day

-learn how to finally dance

-find the borderline of  2 different states and stand on it

-learn how to scuba dive

-perform in a Broadway show

-watch an old movie in a drive-in

-learn how to sail a boat

-learn how to fly a plane

-go hot-air ballooning

-drive a motorcycle

-run in a triathlon

-go to Africa

-learn sign-language

-write a message in a bottle and throw it out to sea

become fluent in French

-never forget my friends and family

-explore inside a pyramid

-live in England

-witness a miracle

-own an island

-run into Donald Trump and tell him to take off his toupee

-prove that God exists

-help someone accept Christ

-die after i accomplish everything i ever dreamed of doing