The Life List of

The Life List of

James Padgett


–         Graduate from Harrison

         Go to a big University

         Get a bachelor’s degree

         Get a master’s degree

         Get married before 24 years old

         Have 4 kids, 2 boys and 2 girls, one of which will be named after me

         Visit all 7 continents

         Pick a fight on all 7 continents (Penguins in Antarctica)

         Learn Chinese

         Bungee jump off of the Hoover Dam

         Surf a 50 foot wave in Hawaii

         Make a movie where I’m the hero

         Make a movie where I beat up the hero

         Learn how to fly a plane

         Liberate a small country from an evil dictator

         Knock out Mike Tyson (wait until he can’t hit back)

         Run for a government position

         Learn how to hack computers

         Rob a bank and get away with it

         Live to be 100 or older

         Live in the Playboy Mansion

         Own my own island in the Bahamas

         Wrestle a bear in a cage match

         Make a 100,000 piece jigsaw puzzle that when you finish, it reads “GO OUTSIDE”

         Live in the ghetto and learn how to do drive bys

         Learn karate and visit a rival dojo and open up a can of whoop ass

         Find out what Willis was talking about

         Teach handicapped kids to be proud of whom they are and that they are “handicapable”

         Move to Iowa and become a farmer

         Move to India or Pakistan and become a cab driver

         Become a Ghost Buster

         Own a house in the Hamptons

         Go on a game show and win

         Go on a dating show and lose

         Have Dr. Phil figure out what’s wrong with me

         Have a cute pet monkey named Jojo to help me get chicks