The Life List of

The Life List of

Lissette Moronta


–         pass all my subjects

–         get a decent enough grade on my SATS so I get accepted into Southern Florida

–         get better grades as a senior then my brother did as a senior so I can tell him I kicked his ass

–         Get over an 80 on at least one of my AP Psych tests.

–         Get over anybody who may still be on my mind who shouldn’t be by spring break 2007.

–         Understand guys just enough to use reverse psychology on them and make them feel like idiot (more then I already do)

–         Be able to go out once a week without getting yelled at just for asking

–         Go on a cruise again

–         Get a car

–         Move to Florida

–         Meet new friends

–         Go to grad school

–         Find an occupation that makes me filthy rich and happy as well

–         Get to the point where I can tell my mom everything she didn’t know I did as a kid without getting in trouble

–         Check on all my ex’s to see if karma came back around yet

–         Get married without ever getting divorced

–         Come to NY every summer once I move to Florida

–         Find out what supercalifragilisticexpialidocious really means

–         Pray every night that Kaplan doesn’t kill or harm any animals

–         Meet at least four celebrities

–         Be able to run 2 miles without feeling like I’m dying

–         Dance in at least one music video

–         Go around the world

–         Read over 2000 books

–         Eat all the food at an all you can eat buffet

–         Own Myspace

–         Tell Bill Gates I own him

–         Own a sports car for everyday of the week

–         Donate money to every charity that needs it

–         Have a dog

–         Own a huge business

–         Be on TV

–         Tell JLo and Iva Longoria that they have nothing on me

–         Be known for something no one else has accomplished

–         Beat Tiger Woods at golf

–         Own a seven million dollar house with at least 600 acres of land

–         Live next door to 50 cent so I can get into all his house parties

–         Come back to HHS in 20 years to see if Mrs. Danzi and Dr. Barbato still work here

–         Tell the court O.J didn’t do it

–         Find Elvis and Tupac eating dinner together in a small diner in “Little Rock” Arkansas    haha Kaplan.