The Life List of

The Life List of

Paola Mejia


·         Bungee Jumping

·         Go to Paris

·         Become a doctor

·         Dye my hair blue

·         go skydiving

·         Get my lip pierced

·         Make a music video

·         Meet Leonardo Di’caprio

·         Meet Rakim y Ken Y

·         Go on a Helicopter around the city

·         Buy a house next to the beach

·         Go on a safari in Africa

·         Have a baby Lion as a pet

·         Go to the rain forest

·         Date someone with an english accent

·         Fall in love

·         Get married

·         Have two kids, a boy and a girl

·         Ride a camel

·         Learn how to ride a horse

·         Swim in the Ocean and see all kinds of fish

·         See a whale in person

·         Be in the cover of a magazine

·         Be able to perform a surgery on someone

·         Learn how to dance Salsa, Very good

·         Be able to work out everyday

·         Weight 115lbs

·         walk across the longest bridge in the world

·         Go to every continent

·         Learn how to speak and write  French

·         go to see the soccer world cup

·         Drive a motorcycle and own one

·         Get into a good college

·         Graduate from college

·         Meet the president

·         go on a cruise

·         Learn how to play the piano

·         Go paintballing

·         Live in a island