The Life List of

The Life List of

Maggie Marraccini


 *win divisionals for swimming my senior year

*go to the Kentucky derby

*graduate high school

*go to college to major in retail management

*study abroad in italy

*be a buyer for Bloomingdales

*own my own boutique

*get married

*have children

*visit every continent

*visit italy:

    take a gondola ride in Venice

    visit Sicily

*visit Barcelona

*visit Niagara falls

*be in two places at once

*go on a long road trip with my friends

*become fluent in Italian

*go swimming with dolphins

*learn to jet ski

*get a boater’s license

*own my own sea-doo boat

*have a little monkey

*have a great dane and a tea cup Chihuahua

*ride a ninja bike

*hit someone with a paintball gun

*do a split

*find out why people with accents loose them when they sing

*find out why your hands and feet turn “prune-y” in the water after a while

*ride an elephant (again)


*an Eskimo

*channing tatum

*Michael phelps


*gisele bundchen

*Neil Armstrong

*David Blaine

*the wild boys