The Life List of

The Life List of

Andrew Lichtenauer

  • Play a round of golf with Phil Mickelson
  • Graduate high school
  • Get a lesson from Tiger Woods
  • Have lunch with Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus
  • Play division 1 college golf
  • Become a PGA Tour Pro
  • Live in New York City for at least one year in my life
  • Have lunch with Shep and Ian of Vineyard Vines
  • Own a house on Nantucket when I’m older
  • Go to college
  • Win the lotto
  • Graduate college
  • Live to see my grandchildren graduate college
  • Make at least one hole in one in my lifetime
  • Find a woman that I love, and that I truly want to spend the rest of my life with
  • Become a father of more than one child
  • Save somebody’s life
  • Be happy and completely satisfied with my future job
  • Create a charity organization some type of disease or disorder
  • Own a Bentley

ü     Pass my road test

·                     Hit the green from the tips on #17 TPC at Sawgrass

·                     Learn how to play the guitar like Dave Matthews

·                     Open up my own restaurant

·                     Go skydiving

·                     Grow to be at least as tall as my dad (5’11’’)

·                     Gain some serious weight and muscle so Kaplan can’t make fun of me anymore

·                     Play a round of golf at:

– Augusta National

– Pebble Beach

– St. Andrew (Old Course)

– Pinehurst No. 2

– Winged Foot (West)

– Pine Valley

– Bethpage Black

– TPC at Sawgrass

  • Own my own business
  • Provide for my family as well as my parents have provided for me and my brothers
  • Live a happy and unregretful life