The Life List of

The Life List of

Laura King


–         graduate high school

–         -go to college and grad school

–         become fluent in at least one other language

–         fall in love

–         have a successful marriage

–         have at least 3 kids (boys and girls)

–         raise Jewish kids

–         keep in touch with at least 2 friends from my childhood

–         keep in touch with 1 or 2 camp friends

–         be more outgoing

–         enjoy life

–         figure out who I am

–         learn to scuba dive

–         continue to water ski and sail

–         -continue playing tennis

–         go to Wimbledon and the French Open

–         swim with dolphins

–         become very successful at whatever I do

–         own a company, be the boss

–         make a large donation to charity

–         leave an inheritance

–         live in New York City for sometime

–         own more than 2 houses

–         -drive a convertible

–         -exercise at least twice a week

–         ski in the Alps

–         live a healthy life

–         surf again

–         eat healthily for at least one month

–         -go to Australia

–         -go to Israel

–         -swim in the Dead Sea

–         go back to Europe

–         -stand on the equator

–         go to all fifty states

–         stand at the top of the Eiffel tower again

–         see the 7 natural wonders of the world

–         -live to see the first African American or woman President

–         -meet the cast of Grey’s Anatomy

–         take more pictures

–         make a difference

–         live life with no regrets

–         -Die knowing I lived a good life

–         Accomplish this life list.