The Life List of

The Life List of

Michael Fogel

  Get into a good college

Live in NYC again

Live in Los Angeles

Play in the US Open

Get married

Have children

Be famous

Own an island

Have my house built over ¾ of the island (a big island)

Own the Steelers

Beat Doug DeWitt in a boxing match- TKO

Get into Boston College


Own more than 10 cars at a time

Have a house in New York

Have a house in California

Have a house in Boston

Own/ create a clothing line

Meet Pharrell

Make 100 millions dollars

Get a masters degree

Be idolized by everyone in the world

Be the president/owner of a huge corporation

Stay Fresh

Do well on the SATs

Learn to drive a stick shift car

Own the most kicks in the world

Start my own shoe company

Have multiple TVs in every room of my house, including bathrooms

Leave Harrison

Never move back to Harrison

Bowl a 300

Go to Japan

Go to China

Start a gang

Meet Kanye West