The Life List of

The Life List of

Dana Fiorentino


-Spend two weeks in Franco, Italy, Africa and Australia

-Break a world record

-Go to a super bowl, World series and world cup game

-Become a social worker or psychologist

-Graduate from college

-get married

-have four children, two boys and two girls

-move to Bedford

-invent something useful

-own my own fashion boutique

-meet someone famous

-star in a movie

-own a maserat

-have a summer house in Cabo, Hawaii, Florida and Europe

-learn to snowboard

-own a private plain

-have a place named after me

-bungee jump

-go inside the statue of liberty

-swim with dolphins

-do something risky, but safe

– go on a shopping spree in NYC

– raise alot of money for poor countries

-end world hunger

-do something to be remembered by