The Life List of

The Life List of

Marissa Fiore



go back to Italy

see all of Europe

Go to Australia

drive across country and see almost all the states


get into a college

graduate in 4 years

have my basketball team win 2 games this year

win in the powderpuff game

watch the Harrison football team beat Rye

have an amazing senior year

get over losing Rocky this summer


12.get married to someone I really love

have 4 or 5 kids by the time I am 35

become a teacher in Westchester

be able to afford a house in Harrison

before I get married

-live in Italy for a year +

-live on an island for a year

-live in NYC and live like the cast of friends

17.learn Italian

18. go shopping on Rodeo Drive and spend $10,000 +

19. Party every night when I live in the NYC

20. go back in time

21. bungee jump

22. skydive

23. get a tattoo

24. go to every Yankee game for an entire season

25. never see the Red Sox win the world series again

26. stand on the Equator

27. Eat a meal in 3 countries in one day

28. have my own reality show about my family and have my 15 mins of fame

29. Be able to rescue 100 dogs from the streets

30. donate a lot of money when I am older to cancer

31. see someone figure out a cure for cancer

31. be able to see my grandkids get married

32. live to 100 in good health

33. live at the white house for a week

34. see a model walk the runway

35. be in NYC for fashion week

36. walk the red carpet with a celebrity

37. have everyone in my family live a healthy life

38. work hard in everything I do

39. be happy with who I am at the moment