The Life List of

The Life List of

Faye Federici


q       Climb Mt. Everest

q       Graduate from Florida State with a degree in Forensic Psychology or Social Work

q       Make over 1 million dollars for at least one year

q       Get Married

q       Have one child

q       Buy a big house in Maine and live there with my husband forever

q       Invent something

q       Travel to France

q       Travel to China

q       See the Ny Jets win the superbowl

q       Maintain a few friends from HS

q       Tell the truth, in a scenario when I’d usually lie

q       Sing in front of someone

q       Get Lost

q       Get a German Shepard

q       Meet my favorite band

q       Go to a party in LA or NYC with some type of celebrity

q       Kiss a celebrity

q       Go streaking

q       Have a challenging career

q       Steal someone’s identity for a day

q       Date a girl

q       Read a dictionary

q       Go to the moon

q       End poverty

q       Complete more than ½ of this list

q       Cut off all my hair

q       Avoid any terrible illness

q       Break every commandment

q       Go to heaven

q       Write two memoirs (the first one being entirely made up)

q       Save someone’s life

q       Bowl a 300

q       Shake the president’s hand

q       Fully understand A Clockwork Orange

q       Solve a mystery

q       Become the Queen of some country

q       Buy my parents a big house

q       Never watch anyone I love die

q       Be Entirely Happy