The Life List of

The Life List of

Ciara Donadio-Brown


1.       Go bungee jumping 

2.     Get married and be happy with them

3.     Get a tattoo

4.     Drive a stick shift car

5.     Keep some of your friends from high school

6.     Meet someone who can be themselves and aren’t too faced

7.     Learn how to surf

8.     travel all 50 states

9.     move to California

10.  go on vacation in Australia

11.   swim with the dolphins

12.  be successful job wise

13.  go to a good college

14.  get a nice car

15.  do really good on the sats

16.  not fight with my parents

17.  keep a good diet

18.  don’t become fat after I have kids

19.  sky dive

20.join a sorority