The Life List of

The Life List of

Stephanie Desvarieux


Academic Goals

  • Graduate college with at least two awards
  • Graduate college with honors.  (Not Cum Ladas then I wouldn’t have a life)
  • Attend Tufts University or Syracuse University
  • Get my diploma as a doctor/physical therapist/ dentist. (Undecided)
  • Get accepted to Harvard


  • Have twins (it’s possible my mom is a twin so it skipped a generation)
  • Continue family traditions
  • Have my children speak French and Creole
  • Continue family traditions.
  • Marry in my early 30’s
  • Never divorce
  • Have a faithful relationship between my husband
  • Be a grandmother
  • Be a godmother
  • Cook with my child and my grandchildren at the same time
  • Go to a Yankees playoff game with my son


  • Maintain friendships with my true friends.
  • Continue to meet new people
  • Have a variety of friends of different ethnic backgrounds


  • Be happy
  • Be true to myself
  • Be a leader
  • Share my ideas and thoughts to others

Fitness Goals

  • Get a four pack
  • Toned arms and legs
  • Do a 10k run
  • Climb mountains all over the world
  • Be in a fitness video
  • Do a split
  • Become a excellent dancer
  • Maintain my weight under 125


  • Give back to the community
  • Do charity
  • Organize a charity organization


Interaction with people

  • Have lunch with Oprah Winfrey
  • Spend a day with Dr. Martin Luther Kind Jr.
  • Meet former president Clinton
  • Go on a date with Adrian Grenier, Tyson Beckford, Justin Timberlake, Will Smith, and Taye Giggs.
  • Have a little chat with president J.B. Aristide and President Bush
  • Have lunch with Abraham Lincoln or George Washington
  • Interview Bill Clinton about his affair and Mark Foley about he sex scandal

Learning Goals

  • Become trilingual
  • Read music again
  • Learn to play the drums
  • Learn how to play the piano
  • Learn how to become an excellent artist

Luxury Things

  • Buy my mom a Rolls Royce and a chauffeur.
  • Own a 5 luxury cars
  • Own a yacht
  • Own a private jet
  • Have a sailing boat with a crew

Career Goals

  • Become a celebrity
  • Become famous ( good fame)

Miscellaneous To Do Goals

  • Read the Bible
  • Play tennis at the US open
  • Learn hot to make sushi
  • Go on 1 year trip around the world and not be limited with money
  • Swim with dolphins
  • Go scuba diving
  • Learn how to do one of the really neat dives
  • Do a flip
  • Do a back flip
  • Model around the world
  • Have my husband propose to me in Paris
  • Visit the Holocaust Museum
  • Date a professional basketball player
  • Date a professional football player
  • Date a professional baseball player
  • Open a restaurant (international)