The Life List of

The Life List of

Christopher Dellicarpini


1.)     party with Andrew W.K

2.)     Own over 100 pairs of sneakers

3.)     Go to Amsterdam senior year and do really stupid stuff

4.)     Goals in track: beat every school record in each of my events.

5.) Get into a good college

6.) Learn to play piano

8.) Eat 4 saltines in 60 seconds

9.) Have a 3-some with the Olson twins, on a plane.

10.) Go sky diving on a couch

11.) Go bungee jumping

12.) Get a tattoo

13.) Learn to draw well like Picasso

14.) Go back in time to see a show at Coney Island high

15.) Have neat handwriting

16.) shrooms

17.) Take a road trip all over United States.

18.) Smoke with Mr. Kaplan

19.) Do something with my life

20.) lick my elbow

21.) meet jay-z and nas

22.) weightlifting- clean 235 lbs

                              Jerk 210 lbs

                              Back squat 300lbs

                              Bench 225 lbs

23.) Record a CD

24.) become a CHEERLEADER, then quit after camp.

25.) Get awesome

26.) Sleep with Angelina jolie

27.) Kaplan’s mom

28.) Take the 6 train all the way down.

29.) Drink with matt skiba

30.) Beat Kaplan in arm wrestling

31.) party with God

32.) party with jesus