The Life List of

The Life List of

Angelia Centuori


–         Spend a year traveling all around Europe

–         Visit a rainforest

–         Go to Africa

–         Stay in Italy for 6 months

–         Live in Australia for 1 year

–         Visit Brazil

–         Ride on every roller coaster in the world

–         Bungi Jump

–         Sky Diving

–         Learn how to play chess

–         Win first place at the Nationals Cheerleading Competition

–         Get a back tuck and a full twist

–         Get into an Ivy League College

–         Fly to outer space and land on the moon

–         Meet Angelina Jolie

–         Become best friends with someone famous

–         Own a brand new car..possibly a lamborghini

–         Go to Warp Tour and Crowd Surf

–         Make a world record

–         Learn to speak a different language fluently

–         Star in a movie

–         Host my own television show

–         Go to L.A.

–         Own 3 houses at once

–         Make over 1 million dollars a year

–         Own 5 expensive cars at once

–         Do extremely well on my SATs

–         Get through high school and go to college

–         being on a cheerleading team that is as good as Dunbar

–         Buy a house on an island

–         Get married

–         Stay married

–         Have a successful career

–         Live over 85

–         Stay friends with my best friends now until I die