The Life List of

The Life List of

John Ader


–         climb to the top of Mt. Everest

–         go back-backing throughout Europe

–         become happily married

–         have 3 children( two boys one girl)

–         go to heaven

–         to watch a baseball game in every stadium in the U.S

–         to watch all 162 Yankee games in there stadiums

–         to visit all 50 states

–         to go the the "four corners"

–         to walk on the moon

–         to learn the arts of the samurai

–         to see all seven wonders of the world

–         to understand the meaning of life

–         to run a marathon

–         to see the great wall of china

–         to find the lost city of Atlantis

–         to have my own tv show

–         to create/discover something that will illmortalize my name

–         to be able to express myself in a painting

–         to create something that will become a household name (like tv computer ect.) to be able to provide for my family and get them whatever they need/want

–         to visit all seven continents

–         to change the way the world thinks about an event in the past(like the outcome of a war)

–         to talk to Alexander the Great

–         to fight along side Attila the Hun

–         to get into a good college

–         to be a role model for my children

–         to be able to celebrate my 100 year anniversary with the women of my dreams