The Life List of

The Life List of

Joshua Thomas


·       Go to Egypt and see the pyramids

·       Get married

·       Stay close with my high school friends

·       Make a million dollars

·       Maintain my current lifestyle

·       Be in a movie

·       Produce a top 10 hit

·       Go to a Championship Boxing Match

·       Go to the super bowl

·       Keep in touch with my AAU basketball friends

·       Go to the Grammies

·       Win a Grammy

·       Have something named after myself in Detroit

·       Have something named after my father in Chicago

·       Have something named after my father in Detroit

·       Have something named after my father in New York

·       Have an apartment in the city

·       Have a beautiful child

·       Race a NASCAR

·       Own a restaurant

·       Maintain a Thomas legacy

·       Graduate from collage

·       Get a Masters Degree

·       Spouse must be a good cook

·       Have a fish tank in my home

·       Be on television

·       Be famous

·       Have a platinum selling artist

·       Have my own radio show

·       Be involved in basketball some way

·       stay young at heart

·       Become friends with Lyon, Mark’s son

·       Be a good father

·       Make a billion dollars

·       Have a bodyguard and need it

·       Be in Black Enterprise magazine

·       Be in Forbes magazine

·       Be in ESPN magazine

·       Be in Sports Illustrated

·       Own your own clothing line