The Life List of

The Life List of

Kazushi Takahashi


Immediate or Short Term Life Lists

– take part in the tennis team

– do the best during my Junior year

– learn to live on my own (basic stuff)

– attend to SHP till the end

– get a parking space at school

– do well on the midterm

– go to bed by 11pm

– get a new computer

– get used to contact lenses

– get a girlfriend

– get ready & move to Japan

– buy accessories

– start to learn to paint landscape pictures

– finish playing Kingdom Hearts II

– start to swim regularly again

– take TOEFUL test                                              


Fairly Long Term Life Lists

– finish Japanese high school

– apply for Japanese college

– get a new watch when I go into college

– buy (almost) all movies that Johnny Depp was in

– read all Harry Potter books, whether I’ll like them or not

– see all Harry Potter movies, whether I’ll like them or not

– wear a yukata


Long Term Life Lists

– go to Australia

– go to Africa, Egypt, and see the pyramids

– see the Moai

– make enough money so I can travel around the world freely

– get married

– have at least 2 kids

– don’t live at the city (for a long while)

– always remember to do some kind of sports and/or exercise

– always have the habit to read books

– get into the habit of ready newspapers more often

– keep playing the clarinet for the rest of my life as a hobby

– try diving

– become about 180cm tall, but no more

– revisit the places I’ve been in my life

– climb up to the top of the Statute of Liberty again

– be able to tennis almost any time I want

– after my kids are grown up, own a pet with my wife

– do a little gambling for fun

– get the sensation that you had a wonderful life at some point of life

– do jet skiing

– own a sword

– find a job that will fairly satisfy me, not something that I’ll hate to do

– find, buy, or build a house that will satisfy me

– try to let my kids experience many things so they will find what they’ll like

– travel around all famous places in Japan

– always have a goal in your life; what is the reason I’m living today?

– (in the end) find a partner (wife) that you will be in love with the rest of your life

– always keep in touch with friends I’ve made in foreign (and native) countries

– always keep promises