The Life List of

The Life List of

Dominique Sepe


·        travel out of the country

·        tour Europe

·        go to college

·        get married

·        have children

·        go to prom

·        go ice skating at Rockefeller Center

·        see the Eiffel Tower

·        go to Australia

·        go on a cruise to a Caribbean island

·        go scuba diving

·        buy a house

·        get my driver’s license

·        get a car

·        learn how to ballroom dance

·        go to a masquerade ball

·        live in a log cabin

·        buy a beach house

·        be able to do a split

·        go to Niagara Falls

·        drive cross country with friends

·        go to the Grand Canyon

·        drink water out of a natural spring on a mountain

·        go to Creation

·        learn how to surf

·        swim a mile

·        go on a missions trip out of this country

·        go camping

·        get a dog

·        go on a jet ski