The Life List of

The Life List of

Nathaniel Schroeder

  Things I Want to do Before I Die

–         Learn to play Piano

–         Learn to play Trombone

–         Play and tour in a blues band for a year

–         Follow a touring Jam band throughout America and go to 100+ shows

–         Write over 100 songs

–         Go into the Hood and be gangster for a year

–         Join a biker gang

–         Teach a dog to bark on Command

–         Climb to the top of a mountain with a Buddhist temple on top and watch the sunrise while doing Yoga

–         Live out in the wild for three months

–         Go deep sea diving and swim with a shark, a dolphin and a whale

–         Visit the actual Titanic

–         Ski down every mountain in Alps

–         Go to the Moon

–         Go to the Berklee School of Music Summer program during the summer of 2006

–         Find Skull Island

–         Work at McDonalds for a week

–         Go to Collage and get a masters degree

–         Have kids and be a loving father

–         When I die, I want to be lowed into my casket with techno music blasting and have raving lights be flashing as I go down my final Descent

–         Climb to the highest point on ever continent

–         Climb to the highest point in ever state

–         Back Pack throughout Europe

–         Conduct/Be in a Broadway show

–         Go 50 mph in a 15 mph Zone at 2 in the morning and drive 15 mph on a Highway.

–         Live in Japan for a while

–         Go to school in Europe


People I want to have Lunch With (Both Living and Dead)

–         The members of the Beatles

–         The members of Phish

–         Jaco Pastorius

–         Jimi Hendrix

–         B.B. king

–         Stevie Wonder

–         Ray Charles

–         Jerry Garcia and Phil Lesh

–         Abe Lincoln

–         George Washington

–         Rosa Parks

–         Martin Luther King Jr.

–         Gandhi

–         Fela Kuti

–         Marvin Gaye

–         Eric Clapton

–         Will Ferrell

–         Jim Carrey

–         Seth McFarlen

–         Jack Black

–         Denzel Washington

–         Grover Washington

–         Jamie Fox

–         James Brown

–         Robin Williams

–         Michael Jackson

–         McCoy Tyner

–         Ron Carter

–         Miles Davis

–         Louis Armstrong

–         Santa Clause

–         Big Bird

If a Time Machine Is invented, I Would

–         Tour with Phish and see them in 1987-1989 and from 1994-1998 and be in a Glow Stick War

–         See all the dead musicians from the list above play live

–         Travel back to the time of Jesus and see what really happened

–         See New York during the 1930s

–         Travel 5 million years into the Future and see how things Evolved

–         Travel to the beginning of time and see what was there before the big bang

–         See an actual Dinosaur

–         Go back and free slaves

–         See what the world was like before Humans

–         Watch the pyramids be built

–         See the great battles of the American Revolution, Civil War, WWI and WWII

  Places I Want to Visit 

–         Japan

–         Hawaii

–         Islands in the Caribbean’s.

–         Some tropical Island never found by man  (a.k.a. Skull Island)

–         Tropical Rain Forest

–         Nicaragua

–         France

–         Spain

–         Swiss Alps

–         India