The Life List of

The Life List of

Steve Rosenberg


–          Win the Recreation basketball championship

–          Win a section/state championship in high school

–          Win a NCAA championship or title

–          Make it on Sportscenter’s Top 10 Plays of the Week

–          Get onto a college team as a walk on

–          Get a 4.0 in college

–          Bungee jump

–          Sky dive

–          Wake board

–          Surf

–          Snowboard in a half pipe

–          Ride a dirt bike on a Moto-X course

–          Meet Lebron James

–          Meet Carmelo Anthony

–          Meet Derek Jeter

–          Play for the Yankees

–          Play in Yankee Stadium

–          Coach a college/professional sports team

–          Own a professional team

–          Meet the man who created algebra and ask him if it actually matters

–          Pass the AP Psychology midterm on Friday without cheating

–          If all else fails, find someone to cheat off of for the AP Psychology midterm on Friday

–          Create something that will make me a millionaire

–          Play 1 on 1 versus Jordan

–          Find a job that is easy, good paying, and I’ll like (an AP Psychology Teacher)

–          Fly to the moon

–          Play football on the moon

–          Have my own TV show

–          Prove to America George Bush is truly dumber then he looks

–          Go to Italy

–          Swim in all 4 Oceans

–          Travel through all 50 states

–          Have a house on each continent, even Antarctica

–          Watch a volcano erupt

–          Climb to the top of Mt. Everest

–          Watch a tsunami

–          Go to the Grand Canyon

–          Go to Vegas for my 21st birthday

–          Produce enough money to retire in Westchester, as much as I say I hate it

–          Figure out why New York is one of the only states with a regents test

–          Create my own album, no matter what category of music

–          Go to at least one game of every major sporting events championship (World Series, Superbowl.)

–          Play a character in a movie

–          Participate in and both win the World Series of Poker

–          Stay in touch with most of my high school friends

–          Stay close to my family, no matter how far away I go

–          Do something I want to be in my life, live happy and healthy and never have to regret anything.