The Life List of

The Life List of

Ayesha Revri

·        Get into UNC- Chapel Hill for college

·        Be president

·        Have a big family

·        Have a career I like, and that makes good money

·        Win the lottery

·        Go to culinary school

·        Open a Christmas store with a café

·        Become famous for a good reason

·        Be married by 25 and have kids soon after

·        Have at least 3 kids

·        Be on tv or in a movie

·        Buy 3 dogs

·        Own a hotel with a restaurant, spa, and travel service

·        Be a professional cheerleader for a day

·        Look like Angelina Jolie

·        Be able to visit new Orleans again the way it was before the hurricane

·        Sing/ Produce my own album

·        Run for mayor

·        Go back to the Ritz Carlton in South Beach

·        Play one game of professional basketball

·        Design my own sneakers

·        Star in a movie like Mr. & Mrs. Smith

·        Own a yacht and travel the world

·        Own a private jet

·        Learn how to fly a plane

·        Own a house in Italy

·        Get a nice RV and travel cross-country

·        Own the Green Bay Packers

·        Live to see my grandchildren

·        Have a star named after me

·        Be in two places at once

·        Own a polar bear, koala bear, and a cute little monkey

·        Live in a space hotel with Nadia

·        Join a sorority

·        Create a fashion line

·        Own a little boutique shop with my clothing line in it

·        Meet Brad Pitt

·        Make my own Laguna Beach

·        Have a show on the cooking network

·        Have the hottest prom date

·        be a celebrity make-up artist

·        Be blonde for a while

·        Swim in the dead sea

·        Live and grow old next door to Nadia


·        Italy

·        Fiji

·        Australia

·        London

·        Amsterdam

·        Ireland

·        India

·        South Africa

·        Prague

·        Cambodia

·        Somalia

·        Germany

·        Colombia

·        Belize

·        Brazil

·        Chile

·        Japan