The Life List of

The Life List of

CC Pyle

v     Learn how to break dance

v     Laugh so hard I pee my pants…….. or maybe it’d be better to make someone else laugh so hard they pee their pants

v     Get a tattoo on my left shoulder

v     Have 4 kids named Devin, Hayden, Jade and Lotus

v     GROW!!!!!!

v     Buy a Harley Davidson

v     THEN I’ll learn how to ride a motorcycle

v     Go to Princeton

v     Get stuck in an elevator

v     Get a summer job in France

v     Publish a novel

v     Discover a way to destroy all bugs

v     Be uber rich

v     Bring a dead person back to life

v     Learn falconry

v     Go cow tipping

v     Gain the courage to go on a subway alone

v     Go white water rafting

v     Start a collection of those little marbles from Japanese sodas

v     Learn how to surf

v     Go on every ride in a theme park

v     Get over my fear of heights

v     RETIRE

v     Be able to actually beat my brother at fencing

v     Knock someone out

v     Join the Mile High Club

v     Learn broad sword fighting

v     Lose 10 pounds and NEVER gain it back

v     Learn how to make escargot

v     Marry someone rich

v     Get dreds

v     Own a tiger cub

v     Buy McDonalds

v     Hook up with someone in every single state

v     Get a tattoo on my left shoulder

v     Travel to every country in the world

v     Get a Viper

v     Be in a hit movie

v     Be a personal shopper

v     Learn to fly

v     Learn to fly a plane

v     Try on a blonde wig

v     Stand in an elevator that’s full then start singing Old McDonald Had a Farm

v     Embarrass my brother in front of his crush

v     Meet the ninja turtles

v     Dig a hole to china

v     Gain numchuck skills

v     Meet my twin like in It Takes Two

v     Have a house in Hawaii

v     Learn to cook

v     Meet the man who invented post-its

v     Talk to that cool sea turtle from Finding Nemo

v     Stand on my head for two minutes

v     Learn how to juggle knives WITHOUT losing any fingers

v     Meet an ALIEN

v     Drive on the wrong side of the street against oncoming traffic

v     Meet Willy Wonka and convince him to tell me all his secrets