The Life List of

The Life List of

Melissa Pearlman



-go to college, grad school

-become fluent in French, Spanish, Hebrew, and Arabic

-read the newspaper everyday

-take a music theory class

-learn astrology and astronomy

-learn about photography

-be a better, faster reader

-first learn how to play string bass and guitar, then learn how to play piano, all strings, and all brass

-read the Old and New Testaments

-type without looking at the keyboard



-learn to snowboard, telemark, and cross country ski

-ski in the Swiss Alps, and out west

-exercise everyday

-learn how to fence

-live a healthy life

-hike the Grand Canyon

-run a seven minute mile (or under)

-learn to surf

-eat well

-learn about photography



-see the world

-go to all fifty states

-go to all seven continents

-see the seven natural wonders of the world

-go to Greece

-travel through Europe

-stand under the Eiffel Tower

-go to Australia



-fall in love

-get married

-have children

-live to watch my children and grandchildren grow

-live to see the first woman president

-dye or cut my hair funky at least once in my life

-never ever do any drugs

-find a job that I enjoy – teacher for a few years, if not full time

-go on a hot air balloon

-have a favorite song, book, animal, food, and flower

-learn all about my grandparents before it’s too late

-learn how to ballroom dance, tango, and salsa

-collect cars

-take more risks

-be more outgoing

-enjoy life

-figure out who I am

-fashion design, because it’s cool

-have no regrets

-open my own restaurant

-take more pictures

-stop wasting time

-meet Oprah and be on her show