The Life List of

The Life List of

Michael Padro


Visit one historical landmark in every state

Live in Australia for a year

Get a Scottish terrier and/or a husky as a pet

Go sky diving

Learn how to fly a plane

Bungee jump

Become a vegetarian for at least two months

BUY my mom a house

Go to a collage and a dorm there

Learn how to speak Japanese

Want to get married

Have twin Boys or two boys and a girl

Go scuba diving

Visit the seven wonders of the world

Claim Canada as mine

Go whale watching

Go mountain climbing

Visit every baseball park and foot ball stadium (in one year)

Run across the great wall of china (no matter how long it takes)

Go to 5 counties in Europe

Major (or minor) in Chemistry

Live to see my grandchildren to get married…

Make enough money so my parents can retire and live off of me

Go hang gliding

Play catch with HINES WARD!