The Life List of

The Life List of

Andrew Padgett


Be successful

Go to a college far away from Harrison (West Coast)

Receive an M.B.A. from UPenn

Develop at least 2 houses and sell for profit

Become CEO of a major corporation

Backpack through Europe after high school

Learn Russian and Arabic language.

By 21, become stock analyst for Wall Street Company

For short period, become bounty hunter in Middle East

Become one of the richest people in world. (100 Billion)

Compete in one or more PGA Tour Event

Get into 10 bar fights in college

Become married {only once}

Have at least two kids

Start family in N.Y.C.

Become co-founder of a Casino with my brother in Monte Carlo

Win the Main Event at the World Series of Poker

Become Westchester Country Club Men’s Golf champion

Have a role in a major-budget Hollywood film

Have an ownership-management role in the New York Rangers hockey team

Travel to all seven continents

Live in 10 major U.S. Cities

Visit all 50 states

Collect all gaming consoles on planet

Find the Holy Grail

To not be the next 40 year-old virgin

Develop house using Old Russian architecture

Buy house in Hamptons

Take car of my parents when they are old.

Get accepted into University of San Diego