The Life List of

The Life List of

Daniel Menache


Professional Goals

  Make a well-anticipated movie

  Work for a large marketing firm in California

  Write a novel- meaningful, but exciting

Social Goals

  See my friends from High School at my wedding

  Have a girl chase after me for once

  Find the worst doctor in the world and make fun of whoever has an appointment with him/her the next day

          Learning Goals

  Graduate from Georgetown or Boston College

  Receive a Masters in Business from Wharton

  Learn how to Ski & Ski the Alps

  Learn how to play Piano

  Learn how to surf in Hawaii

Traveling Goals

            Visit my Dad’s entire family in Tel Aviv

            Swim in the Dead Sea completely covered in mud

            Stand on the Equator

            Visit Every Island in the song “Kokomo” by the Beach Boys

            Live on the East Coast

            Live in Manhattan

            Visit my Family in Italy

            Backpack Through Europe with a Europass

            Camp out under the Northern Lights

            Visit a Concentration Camp

            Visit every US State

            Stand on top of the Empire State Building & throw a penny

            Stand on top of the Freedom Tower

            Experience Disney World With my Kids

            Visit My Family in Egypt

            Safari Through South Africa

            Hike Through the Rainforest

            Visit Time Square on New Year’s Eve

Miscellaneous Goals

       Ice Skate At Rockefeller Center in December

       See Jack’s Mannequin Live & Meet Andrew McMahon after the Show

       Cry during a Movie

       Play set for a band

       Swim with Dolphins

       Go Whale Watching

       Jump out of a Plane

       Have a Movie room in my house devoted to my DVD collection and memorabilia from my favorite movies

       Capture Every Important Moment & Keep Every Picture

       Go to an Award Show & go home with one of those gift baskets

       Own an amazing pool….it needs to be crazy

       Experience a Hot Air Balloon Ride

       Be Made fun of by Dane Cook