The Life List of

The Life List of

Anne McManus


·         have children

·         visit Italy

·         visit Spain

·         tour Europe

·         tour Asia

·         play lacrosse in college

·         help people in Africa, the Middle East, and other poor countries

·         become an orthopedic surgeon and do a certain amount of surgeries for free

·         visit every Caribbean island

·         visit a tropical rainforest

·         meet my cousins in Puerto Rico

·         meet my cousins in Italy

·         meet my cousins in Spain

·         live in Ireland for a summer with my cousins

·         spend the night in a hotel in NYC

·         paint a picture and frame it

·         go on vacation with my friends

·         live to see my grandchildren

·         live to see my great-grandchildren

·         learn how to box

·         stay close with my family and friends

·         save someone’s life

·         start a charity

·         get a monkey

·         act in something

·         be a good role model

·         get into a good college

·         be a good mother/wife/friend

  • get married to a nice man

  • Stay best friends with Amanda, Isabel, Luisa, and Sarah for my whole life

  • Always stay close to my family