The Life List of

The Life List of

Nicole Marino


–          Visit Italy.

–          Graduate High School and get into a good college.

–          Get married and have twins.

–          Own a convertible.

–          Go to a tropical island.

–          Own my own jet ski and learn how to do tricks.

–          Learn how to ski.

–          Swim/Play with dolphins.

–          Skydive

–          Become a pediatrician or a teacher

–          Learn how to ride a motorcycle.

–          Meet Chad Michael Murray and Ryan Cabrera

–          Visit every state

–          Learn to play the drums

–          Learn to make my grandfathers cookies

–          Learn to make my grandmas pasta with her sauce.

–          Meet the President.

–          See a sunset.

–          Have grandchildren.

–          Go to London

–          Be on the Real World

–          See the tree lighting in NYC

–          Go to a Professional Football Game

–          See Rent on Broadway

–          Sleep on the Beach

–          Own a puppy shop

–          See the Ball drop in person.

–          Go on a cruise

–          Win the lottery.