The Life List of

The Life List of

Christina Mariani


get into Quinnipiac University

·          fall in love

·          get married

·          have 3 children [hopefully, 2 boys and 1 girl]

·          take a cooking class

·          bungee jump/sky dive

·          try Thai food

·          learn Italian fluently

·          visit Paris

·          visit Calabria, Italy- where my mom grew up

·          help build a house

·          learn to snowboard

·          have all of my 9 best girl friends at my wedding

·          14, have a healthy/happy family

·          be successful

·          open up an italian deli/restaurant

·          meet Mike Vito

·          backpack through Europe

·          buy my own Black Lexus IS 300

·          fill up my i-pod [5000 songs]

·          have a big wedding, with pale yellow as the color of the bridesmaids dresses , and yellow roses all over the place

·          go to atlantic city and hit the jackpot

·          win the lottery

·          have a career in advertising/editing

·          get a tattoo

·          get my bellybutton pierced

·          meet Kanye West or Eminem

·          Visit Australia

·          spend a New Year’s Eve in new york city

·          be in a movie

·          go to Central Park

·          graduate high school and college

·          be on a dance team

·          be able to run a mile in 7 minutes

·          attend my senior prom

·          spend a week in California

·          own a house on the beach