The Life List of

The Life List of

David Ko


Get my motorcycle license and buy a Yamaha R1

Prove parents and others that believe the type of college you enter is the determining factor of how your life will turn out wrong.

Successfully take over my father’s business of interior design and expand it.

Marry Jenny at 24 and go broke doing so.

Help save at least one person from the depths of hell and introduce the joy of salvation through Christ

Relearn the piano

Play varsity football during my last year in Harrison

Go to Passion ’08 (

Visit Korea

Live in the city

Jump off a plane, skydive unto a mountain and snowboard the rest of the way down- all without stopping.

Do everything above in Jesus’ name


Find a bill larger than $10 on the street

Finally hit a rat in the train tracks with a penny

Drive, not own, an exotic car- like a lambo.