The Life List of

The Life List of

Elizabeth Hoffberg


Educational Goals:

·        Get a 5 on the AP Calculus Exam

·        Get a 5 on the AP Psychology Exam

·        Get into Harvard

·        Be in the top 10 of the class

·        Get a Ph. D

·        Get a scholarship into college

·        Study abroad

Worldly Goals (Places I want to go/see):

·        Visit every continent

·        Go camping in the real wilderness

·        Visit Hawaii

·        Visit many islands in the South Pacific

·        Vacation in every state

·        Visit Mount Rushmore

·        Go scuba diving in Hawaii

·        Go scuba diving in Australia

·        Go to Russia

·        Go on a cruise (again) in the Galapagos

·        Canoe down the Amazon River

·        Take Amtrak from Maine to Florida  (and back)

·        Go to India

·        See the Taj Mahal

·        See the Great Wall

·        See the Western Wall

·        Go to Haifa

·        Go to Jerusalem

·        Swim in the Dead Sea

·        Drive across the country

·        Go on a road trip

Personal Goals:

·        Own my own house

·        Move out of New York

·        Run my own business

·        Get married

·        Have children

·        Own a boat

·        Graduate with a school record for race walking

·        Join a Hillel

·        Start an organization

·        Live to the age of 90

·        Live in a third world country for at least a year

·        Live without electricity for a month

·        Ride in a limo to a premier

·        Read Don Quixote in Spanish

·        Do birthright to Israel

·        Learn a non-romantic language

·        Learn a language with a different alphabet

·        Own a ball gown dress (and use it)

·        Go paintballing

·        Ride a roller coaster without a harness

·        Ride all of the major roller coasters in the US

·        Ride an old wooden roller coaster in Europe


·        See the march of the penguins

·        Own at least 10 pets at once

·        Own a monkey

·        Own a turtle

·        Own a large snake

·        Own a chinchilla

·        Breed lab mice

·        Ride an elephant in India

·        Ride an elephant in Africa

·        Ride a llama