The Life List of

The Life List of

Vikki Hart





1. Own a house


2. Own a car


3. Be accepted to a good college


4. Graduate from college


5. Meet:

a.     Green Day

b.     Eric Szmanda

c.     Blink- 182

d.     Coldplay

e.     Box Car Racer

f.       The Network

g.     Smile Empty Soul


6. Visit:

a.     Australia

b.     Canada

c.     England

d.     Ireland

e.     Mexico

f.       All 50 states


7. Own a dog


8. Have a successful job


9. Get married


10. Take a road trip across the U.S


11. Have more than 2,000 songs on iTunes


12. Have a dark room to develop my photographs


13. Get a high grade on the SATs


14. Move out of Harrison


15. Learn how to play the drums


16. Pass the permit test


17. Pass the road test for a license


18. Own a boat


19. Own a RV


20. Tour with a rock band


21. Live in Provincetown, Massachusetts


22. Live in New York City


23. Live a long life