The Life List of

The Life List of

Michael Gonzalez


I hope to become a successful architect with a $250,000 salary

I want to build a strong Dark Templars army in WarHammer (a design/game)

Hopefully be able to go into Cooper Union (the top of the architecture colleges)

Do good in school/college

Make my parents proud of what I have done in my life

Try to visit every state in the U.S.

Learn how to be a pro in Texas Hold’em

I hope I can support my family when I get older and actually have one of my own

I want to be a good chef like my father

I want to master the guitar (I’m getting close to this one)

I want to keep close with all my family members especially my only sibling my sister

I want to have 4 houses:

·        One in Florida

·        One in New York

·        One in Puerto Rico

·        One condo in Vegas

Try to program a video game like Madden

I hope a cure is found for diabetes during my life time

I hope to get over my fears of spiders