The Life List of

The Life List of

Ileana Goncalves


·        Graduate from Harrison High School.

·        Do well on the SAT’s.

·        Graduate from a prominent university.

·        Get my Masters in Business Administration and Interior Design.

Go on a cruise

·        Meet Christian Ronaldo (a Portuguese Soccer Player)

·        Go Jet Skiing.

·        Travel to Tahiti.

·        Get married at the beach.

·        Have two kids (a girl and a boy).

·        Be in a Movie.

·        Teach my sister how to drive (but not in my car).

·        Continue dancing for a very long time.

·        Visit every continent.

·        Stay healthy and happy.

Go Speed/Jet boating & Rafting

·        Go to Brazil and celebrate Carnival.

·        Study in Portugal, Spain and France.

·        Go Parachuting

·        Fly a plane or helicopter.

·        Own a Polar Bear (ha-ha).

·        Be an influence in someone’s life.

Ride a horse on the beach

·        Create my organization for people who have overcome cancer and those who are fighting it.

 Own a convertible

·        Celebrate New Years in at least 6 of the continents.

·        Live Life to the fullest =]!