The Life List of

The Life List of

Ariel Gasparre


Receive a 90 GPA before graduating high school

Get accepted into a good college

Receive a 4.0 my first semester of college

Become a teacher that makes an impact in a students life in a positive way

Get my masters in education

Learn how to cook without burning the house down

Learn how to get along with my brother and sister without the help of my parents

Marry a man that loves me and shares the same morals and beliefs as me, and who my parents love

Have children (not sure how many yet probably 2 or 3, so they will never be lonely)

Own my own house with my husband

Own my own restaurant

Travel through Europe (specifically Italy)

Complete a family tree

Go hiking/camping (and not flip out when I see the dirt or bugs)

Go skydiving

Go power sailing

Accept the unaccepted

Make an impact in someone’s lives that I don’t know

 Be on a hit television series, (doesn’t matter which one) just an extra not a real character  (I’m not picky)

 Learn how to ballroom dance/ any type of dance

 Meet someone famous

 Write a book

 Live past 75

 Learn to deal with teenage drama