The Life List of

The Life List of

Samantha Friedwald


Places to Visit:

·        Visit Europe- Greece, Italy, England, France, Germany, Sweden, Prague, Switzerland

·        Visit Russia

·        Visit Japan (and the Cup-o-Soup/ Ramen noodle museum)

·        Go to Disney World again (with my sister who has never gone)

·        Visit New Zealand

·        Visit Australia

·        Visit the first Starbucks in Seattle

·        Visit Hawaii

·        Visit Antarctica

Things to Do:

·        Eat an entire cake

·        Enter an eating contest

·        Climb a tree

·        Get driver’s license

·        Go to college of my choice

·        Drive a tractor

·        Eat an entire pizza

·        Learn German and Russian

·        Drive a monster truck

·        Walk or skate on a frozen pond

·        Hold a Koala bear

·        Play golf with pros

·        Start a protest

·        Write a column for a big newspaper or magazine

·        Get a coconut from the actual tree

·        Go to the moon

·        Have a pet chicken or pig

·        Hang out with a real Eskimo

·        Never owe anyone anything and to pay back everyone I owe money to