The Life List of

The Life List of

Jayson "Chooky" Franscico





-Get a 95 G.P.A. at least one quarter and stay consistently close

-Beat AJ and Alex in at least one class

-Get really nasty in all the classes I’m not already nasty in

-Do several crazy and thoughtless things at random

-Become dedicated in clubs and extra curricular activities


-Get a good score on the SAT and ACT

-Go to a good college and graduate

-Go to a good finishing school and graduate


-Stop doing so much homework

-Do better things with my time (better than TV, video games, and computer)


-Get really, really nasty at trumpet

-Try to get back into bass

-Start going fishing

-Learn how to work a computer

-Never get a myspace no matter what

-Learn how to do the moonwalk totally right

-Learn several Michael Jackson dances and do them with the tightness and precision he does them and hopefully audition for So You Think You Can Dance (yea that’ll happen)

-Go to Hubba’s

-Pass my road test

-Get a car

-Get a job

-Eat the most delicious food ever

-Start playing paintball and airsoft again

-Get a puppy

-Cook like a professional chef without actually being one

-Make a good snowman

-Drive a boat (without killing myself)

-Drive a helicopter (without killing myself)

-Drive a small plane (without killing myself)

-Catch a criminal

-Help or save someone in distress

-Make a movie and/or write a song


-Be able to run a mile straight without walking in under ten minutes

-Go on a diet and stay on it until I get skinny (without cheating)

-Start working out again and learn how to balance the bench press (hahaha)

-Bench press my own weight


-Get a good job that will provide the most money with the least work

-Get married

-Have kids

-Make a difference in the world or at least other people’s lives

Bring about the extinction of centipedes


-Go backpacking in Europe

-Go backpacking around the U.S.

-Take a normal vacation to Europe

-Take several normal vacations in the U.S.

-Go to several countries in Asia

-Go to several countries in Africa

-Go to Australia