The Life List of

The Life List of

Jimmy Falasca


·         Go to a Manchester United Game and root for the other team

·         Participate in the Running of the Bulls

·         Go to Mars

·         Swim across the Atlantic Ocean

·         Lick my Elbow

·         Have my picture on the Wheaties Box

·         Pin Hulk Hogan

·         Beat Tiger Woods in Golf blindfolded.

·         Have a penguin as a pet

·         Hunt Osama Bin Ladin

·         Win the Met-Rx Strongman competition

·         Go on jeopardy and never get a wrong answer ever

·         Find Jimmy Hoffa

·         Become the Pope

·         Beat Lance Armstrong in the Tour De France on a unicycle

·         Make more money than Bill Gates

·         Get knighted by the Queen of England

·         Learn how to fly an airplane

·         Learn how to speak Spanish effectively

·         Climb Mount Everest with no oxygen tanks

·         Dig to China

·         Win a Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Championship, and the Stanley Cup all in the same year.

·         Prove Serena Williams is a man

·         Pray with the Buddhist Monks

·         Win the Lotto

·         Graduate from Harvard

·         Challenge John Travolta to a Dance off

·         Become a ping pong champion

·         Win the World Series of poker 5 straight years, and then retire.

·         Have a rap battle with Jay-Z