The Life List of

The Life List of

Stephen Dow


v     Learn to play another instrument besides the guitar.

v     Perform at Warped Tour.

v     Swim in a pool with fire on top.

v     Make a 10 pound smoke bomb and setting it off at my house.

v     Go to pharmacy school.

v     Wrestle in college.

v     Have a memorable senior prank.

v     Own a pig.

v     Streak at a big sports game.

v     Have a monkey as a pet.

v     Get married and not get divorced.

v     Play in a successful band.

v     Bungee jump.

v     Skydive.

v     Be in a UFC tournament.

v     Learn Ju-Jitsu.

v     Learn to hypnotize people.

v     Break-dance really well.

v     Have my own Euro-Trip with my friends during our last high school summer.

v     Cut the top off my  Buick LeSabre, spray-paint it, put Christmas lights on  it and jump it(if it lasts).

v     Learn to back up a car.

v     Get my license.

v     Go out with the girl I like.

v     Invent something that is totally unnecessary.

v     Have a huge food fight.

v     Slip and slide down a bowling alley.

v     Be on a professional level paintball team.

v     Have around 4 kids.

v     Get more than a 1300 on my SAT.

v     Draw really well.

v     Be on TV for something.

v     Save someone’s life.

v     Learn how to make a bowling ball spin.

v     Get at least a 4 on the AP.

v     Go movie-hopping for a whole day.

v     Smash a guitar while it’s on fire.

v     Stay in touch with my friends.

v     Learn to sing better.

v     Never smoke cigarettes.

v     Be able to do a split.

v     Become jacked and maintain it.

v     Run in the NY marathon.

v     Go to the Galapagos Islands.

v     Own a house in Hawaii.

v     Live and own a house in California.

v     Learn to surf.

v     Learn to snowboard.

v     Tip some cows.

v     Enter an eating contest.

v     Own my own store or restaurant.

v     Expand my vocabulary.

v     Be on a game show.

v     Win the lottery.

v     Visit Australia and live there for a year.

v     Hitch-hike across the country and not get jumped, stabbed, raped, or shot.

v     Become a really good cook

v     Make a music video.

v     Learn how to sword fight.

v     Land on top another planet

v     Get a job.

v     Become really good at DDR.

v     Visit Thailand.

v     Go faster than 200 mph in a car.

v     Never be over 200 pounds unless it’s all muscle.

v     Dig to China.

v     See the albinos and the midget village on Buckout Road (Yes, they really are there).

v     Go inside an actual Haunted House.

v     Find Tupac.

v     Crash a wedding.

v     Phone-tap my parents.

v     Get a tattoo.

v     Submit more than 10 original videos to (now I already have one video:

v     Overcome my fear of spiders.

v     Never do drugs.

v     Finish the push up tape in gym (the fitness tape).

v     Break 35 pull-ups by senior year.

v     Visit a rainforest in South America.

v     Find where they keep the fireworks in Chinatown.

v     Get electrocuted by an electric eel.

v     Be able to do more than 100 one arm push ups.

v     Go down a water slide in a water park butt naked.

v     Become a Boondock Saint.

v     Get a Mohawk.

v     Go on at least one or more cruises a year.

v     Learn to fly a plane.

v     Find the kid who stole my wallet.

v     See an alien.

v     Be a cartoon or video game character.

v     Meet at least 2 people who have the same name as me.

v     Play super fast solos on the guitar.

v     Be in Guinness book of world records.

v     Go sledding at the North Pole.

v     Never give up

v     Get several piercings.

v     Own an island.

v     Ride a mechanical bull.

v     Die happy and with at least 90% of this list done.

v     Break 100 on my life list ( I just did!)