The Life List of

The Life List of

Jason Brodsky



·        Go to Europe

·        Go to Australia

·        Visit 20 of the States On the Mainland

·        Go to Hong Kong

·        Visit Alaska

·        Go to Hawaii

·        Be in all four states at the same time- at the four corners


·        Get into Michigan University

·        Go to a four year college

·        Get married

·        Have a family

·        Join my dad’s firm

·        Have three kids

·        Own a Mercedes Benz SL 550 Roadster


·        Go Skydiving

·        Go base jumping

·        Swim with Sharks

·       Get on TV

·       Join MENSA

·       score a perfect score on the SATs

·       Jump off a helicopter to the top of a mountain and snowboard all the way down

·       Get GQ Magazine award, “Big Man On Campus”

·       Win the World Series of Poker

·       Compete in the new Beer Pong tournaments in Las Vegas

·       Win the Jew ball league championship

·       Start up the Jewish Mafia in Vegas again