Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

Studies of daydreaming indicate that:

Jennifer has decided to go to bed early. Although her eyes are closed and she's very relaxed, she has not yet fallen asleep. An EEG is most likely to indicate the presence of:

When cocaine is snorted, free-based, or injected, it produces a rush of euphoria by:

Which of the following is the best advice for a person concerned about occasional insomnia?

Three hours after going to sleep, Shoshanna's heart rate increases, her breathing becomes more rapid, and her eyes move rapidly under her closed lids. Research suggests that Shoshanna is:

Research on susceptibility to hypnosis indicates that:

Consciousness is:

Which drugs are most likely to be prescribed as tranquilizers?

Soon after taking a psychoactive drug, Karl experienced a diminished appetite, an increased pulse rate, dilated pupils, and feelings of self-confidence and euphoria. Karl most likely experienced the effects of:

Amphetamines are to ________ as barbiturates are to ________.

Just prior to awakening Chinua from a hypnotic state, the therapist told him that during the next few days he would feel nauseous whenever he reached for a cigarette. Chinua's therapist was making use of:

REM sleep is called paradoxical sleep because:

Research on the use of addictive drugs indicates that:

Compared to others, those with a fantasy-prone personality are likely to:

Forty-year-old Roger insists that he never dreams. Research suggests that he probably:

Which of the following is usually the most powerful determinant of whether teenagers begin using drugs?

Which theory suggests that dreams are mental responses to random bursts of neural stimulation?

While under hypnosis, Charlotte describes her experience of being kidnapped at age 5. In suggesting that she will soon forget this traumatic event, the hypnotist is encouraging Charlotte to experience:

Alcohol has the most profound effect on:

Nightmares are to ________ as night terrors are to ________.

Greg remembered a recent dream in which his girlfriend suddenly grabbed the wheel of his speeding car to prevent him from driving off the edge of a cliff. Greg's therapist suggested that the dream might be a representation of the girlfriend's frantic efforts to save the couple from sexual disaster. According to Freud, the therapist was attempting to reveal the ________ of Greg's dream.

In large doses, alcohol is a ________; in small amounts, it is a ________.

The lowest rates of drug use among high school seniors is reported by:

REM rebound involves the:

After flying from California to New York, Arthur experienced a restless, sleepless night. His problem was most likely caused by a disruption of his normal:

Twenty-eight-year-old Theodore has an irrational fear of dogs. His therapist hypnotizes him and asks him to remember his earliest childhood experience with a dog. The therapist is making use of:

REM sleep is ________ by alcohol and ________ by sleeping pills.

When Celeste was unable to obtain her regular supply of heroin, she began to develop tremors, fever, and an intense craving for the drug. Celeste was experiencing symptoms of:

Mr. Oates always sleeps restlessly, snorting and gasping throughout the night. It is most likely that Mr. Oates suffers from:

One plausible theory suggests that hypnosis relieves pain by:

After a stressful day at the office, Harvey has five or six drinks at a local bar before going home for dinner. Research suggests that Harvey's heavy drinking will have the most adverse effect on his ability to remember:

Compared to young women, young men are ________ likely to report dreams involving sexual imagery and they are ________ likely to dream about members of the same sex.

While soundly asleep people cannot:

THC, the active ingredient in ________, is classified as a ________.

As Inge recalled her dream, she was dancing with a tall, dark gentleman when suddenly the music shifted to loud rock and the man disappeared. According to Freud, Inge's account represents the ________ content of her dream.

At 1:00 a.m. Luis gets out of bed and begins to sleepwalk. An EEG of his brain activity is most likely to indicate the presence of:

During a heated argument with his teenage daughter, Mr. Reid suddenly lapsed into a state of REM sleep. Mr. Reid apparently suffers from:

With the approach of night, our body temperatures begin to drop. This best illustrates the dynamics of the:

The brain waves associated with REM sleep are most similar to those of:

Researchers are most likely to question the value of hypnosis for:

The human sleep cycle repeats itself about every:

The social influence theory of hypnosis receives support from evidence that:

Sixteen-year-old Judy is becoming increasingly concerned about her use of marijuana on weekends. In order to reduce her use of this drug Judy should:

Chronic sleep deprivation is likely to ________ obesity and ________ memory.

In her frantic efforts to cover up her husband's alcohol abuse, Sharon often makes his business calls and completes routine paper work on his behalf. Her behavior is most likely to be cited as an indication of: